crazy summer

Monday, May 08, 2006

"Crazy Summer"

this all started July 2005.I went to my usal camp (y.w.c.a).the first day i arrived i met a girl call Angelica.She was nice to me and my little bro.We got a long .Her other friend Isabell was so rude.I wanted to slap her so badly.During that day I heared some news about a little couple in our camp group.I wanted to see the couple so Angelica showed me to the girl and boy.The girl i knew from the last time i went to camp.Her name is Teresa.The boy i did not know.His name was Andrew Soto.He is so cute! He is puerto rican with curly soft hair and dimples.He has a beautiful smile and he dresses cute.The next day we had a trip but the bus was running late.Me and Andrew sat at the same table.I told him I thought he was cute.He started to smile.His dimple's sunked into his soft cheeks.He thought i was cute too!I was so happy.Another girl named Tahira liked him too and Angelica.He thought i was cuter.Finally the buses came.It was to late to go on our trip now so we went to a park we played tag and other things.The other girls that liked him too told me to ask him all the questions.Everytime I did he screamed and me.I told Tahira and Angelica I wasn't going to do it know more.When we reached the camp he started talking to me.during camp it was an on and of relationship.Ohboy,Ican't wait until school end when i go to camp i'll see him again